Natalia Nikolaevna Berkutova


Born in Moscow on March 8, 1972.

1996 — graduated from the Moscow State Open Pedagogical University (Art and Graphic Faculty)

1991—2003 — lecturer of drawing, painting, composition, special techniques, production, material science at the Carl Fabergé College of Decorative and Applied Arts (Moscow)

2004 — attended a course of the Academy of Classical Photography (Moscow)

2011 — joined the Moscow Union of Artists



1998 —Beginning of the exhibition activities

2000 — “Our World” (exhibition hall “Na Kashirke”, Moscow; painting)

2001 — “Women-Artists” (exhibition hall of the Moscow Union of Artists (MUA) on Kuznetsky Most Street, painting section)

2001 — “Moscow through the Eyes of the Young” (exhibition hall of the MUA “Na Solyanke”, painting section)

2005 — Photo exhibition “20 Friends of Melikhov” (exhibition hall “New Manege”, Moscow; catalog)

2006 — “Moscow — Winter — Moscow” (exhibition hall “New Manege”, Moscow; Karlsruhe, Germany)

2006 — “Moscow — Summer— Moscow” (exhibition hall “New Manege”, Moscow)

2006 — “The Year of Russian Culture in China” (Beijing, the PRC)

2007 — “Through the Eyes of People” (Margarita Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature (VGBIL), Moscow)

2008 — Art-Mart (All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art (VMDPNI), Moscow)

2009 — St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (St. Petersburg)

2010 — Personal exhibition “Circus” (Loft project ETAGI, Fotowall Svetosila Gallery, St. Petersburg)

2011 — Perm Biennale of photography (catalog)

2012 — “Presentiment of Spring” (Exhibition Hall “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman”, Moscow)

2012 — 2 Photobiennale of the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg; catalog)

2012 — Photo Expedition “XXI. My Pacific Ocean” (FotoFond project of RIA-News Group, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; catalog)

2014 — “Playing the Circus”. The image of circus in the Russian art of 20—21 centuries (Moscow Museum of Modern Art; catalog)

2014 — 3 Photobiennale of Modern Photography. (the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; catalog)

2015 — “The Saved World” (section “Promgraphics” of the MUA, the Moscow House of Cinema)

2015 — “Light and form” (Promgraphics, Moscow)

2016 — “Circus” (the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, catalog)

2016 — “Tatyana Grindenko” (at the festival “Between Sound, Text and Image”, the NCCA and A. N. Scriabin Memorial Museum, Moscow; catalog)

2016 — “Vladimir Martynov” (at the festival “Between Sound, Text and Image”, the NCCA and A. N. Scriabin Memorial Museum, Moscow; catalog)




2005-2010 — The Silver Camera (Moscow)

2009-2011 — Annual of travel photography festival PHOTOTRAVEL

2011 — Photo contest “My genre”, 1 prize in the Pro category

2013 — Photo Contest of Raccord Group, 1 place in “Analog Photography / Object” category



Publications: magazines Russian ZOOM, PhotoTravel (Russia).




2013 — “Circus” (Moscow)



Natalia Berkutova’s works are in the collection of the New Manege exhibition hall of the Moscow Government, in the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), in the permanent exposition of the Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard (Moscow), in the Museum of Circus Art (Moscow), in the Museum of Moscow, in the Museum of Russian Photography (Kolomna), and in many private collections in Russia and abroad.